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Get inspired with my musings and visual inspiration of creating art and living an artistic life. Let it help you bring more creativity into your life. New content added regularly, so come back often for inspiration.

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Imprintably yours,

Karen Pruzansky, Multi-Media Artist and Certified Creatively Fit Coach

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Karen Pruzansky
Karen Pruzansky

I am an informally and self taught multi-media artist. I have always been a creative person, for as long as I can remember. I have a huge number of artists that have taught me and have influenced my art.

I don't have a specialty. I love everything and anything creative, and if I want to learn how to do it make it create it, I find a way. If you follow me on Instagram @karenpruzansky ( that is where you will see a lot of what I create, from paintings, drawings, art journals, book making, poetry, interior design, quilting/sewing, crafts, gardening, photography, etc. That is why I consider myself a multi-media artist. I dabble in a lot of different mediums and styles. That's part of my style!

If you want to find me on-line, the best link to go to is I'd love to see what you are up to on-line too, so if you follow me anywhere, leave me a comment on any of those sites so I can find you too!

I look foward to seeing you in the classroom. I will be responding to comments, so don't be shy!

Imprintably yours,

Karen Pruzansky

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